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      Talent is the most important resource, high-quality talent is to create value, sustainable development, enduring source of strength.
      Tuokang company "dedicated to serving our customers' success," as business philosophy. Albert Kang's achievements expand, need to bring together a large number of marketing, management, development, service personnel to the common cast. Companies adhere to the "people-oriented", respect knowledge, respect talent: the talent to create a good space for development ---- do business people; to skills and performance as the main indicators of the salary structure and improve the welfare policy do ---- treatment to people; create good enterprise culture, and constantly enhance cohesion do ---- sentiments.
      Company has established a scientific human resources management system, and gradually improve the full potential of talent to do the best operating system ---- motorcycle helmet at the same time, give play to their ability to provide each person the space to achieve self-worth.

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